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Different types, suited to fit your needs, at any stage of life.

Back Massage


Massage therapy sessions are customized for each client based on the need of the client. Session goals are discussed during the intake and a treatment plan is formulated. Each session may combine a range of Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, sports massage, PNF stretching, hot/cold therapy, trigger point therapy and therapeutic massage techniques for pain management.

30 min Massage Session $35

60 min Massage Session $55

90 min Massage Session $80

120 min Massage Session $110



Thai massage is performed on a mat, fully clothed. Clients should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. Sessions include passive yoga-like stretching with deep, rhythmic pressure. Benefits include increased muscle relaxation, flexibility, and range of motion.

60 min Thai Massage Session $65

90 min Thai Massage Session $95

Pregnant belly


Prenatal massage is for expecting mothers and is safe during all stages of pregnancy. Clients are placed comfortably on the table using a prenatal body support cushion system, or on their side using several pillows for comfort. Doctor clearance may be requested with higher risk pregnancies.

30 min Prenatal Massage Session $35

60 min Prenatal Massage Session $55

90 min Prenatal Massage Session $80

Massage Salts


Offering body and face treatments as an add-on with massage, or stand alone service.

30 min Facial with massage $40
30 min Facial w/o massage $45

60 min Facial with massage $60
60 min Facial w/o massage $65

30 min Hydrating Spa Treatment for the Hands and Feet with massage $40
30 min Hydrating Spa Treatment for the Hands and Feet w/o massage $45

30 min Body Glow with massage $40
30 min Body Glow w/o massage $45

Several spa packages available.



These will add an additional something to the massage session.

Warm Peppermint Scalp Massage $10
Aromatherapy Hot Towel Massage $10
Hot Stones: Neck, Shoulders, and Back $10
Hot Stone Foot Massage $5
Hot Stones (full body) $15
Dry Heel Repair $10
Ultra-Hydrating Foot Wrap $15
Cold Stone Face Massage $5
Mini Facial Refresher (15 min) $15

Massage Therapy: Treatments
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